Hi! Nice to meet YOU!

My name is Jen. I am the social, out going, never met a stranger part of this blog. Smiley (I know, right! You won’t forget his name!) is my best friend, solid as a rock, love him to death, quiet and soft spoken partner in everything. We are both full time ski (he also snowboards) instructors. We have NEVER had the typical lifestyles of full time jobs. We have been side hustling, seasonal workers, traveling, go getters before it was a thing!

In living this lifestyle before it was cool, sorry millennials we were finding change between the cushions and ride sharing, long before you came along. We just called it getting enough money for a six pack and hitch hiking to the ski area! SORRY….. Like I was saying living this lifestyle has had its ups and downs but we are living an awesome life. It has also taught me to recognize the every day adventures that are just outside the doors and make sure I enjoy one adventure each opportunity I get. And because I choose to go outdoors everyday that opportunity is a lot!

Had to be a skiing selfie!

Now don’t get me wrong…. WE ARE NOT INDEPENDANTLY WEALTHY! We still have to work (and hard I might say.) to enjoy this lifestyle but because we prefer experiences over things we have made what we love to do earn money. This all started with teaching skiing. I started when I was 14 years old. It was great because I had the pure profit environment of living with my parents. When I graduated and went to college I soon got the reality slap in the face of “OMG! This stuff cost money!” Skiing is not cheep! So I made teaching skiing my profession. The same happened with my gym membership— It costs money! So I became a personal trainer and fitness instructor. I have always found a way to do what I love and make it work for us. My mom gave me a mug one Christmas (probably right after she said, “When are you going to get a REAL JOB?)……. that said ‘Success is doing what you love and loving what you do.’ I truly believe in this.

Soooo all of that being said I would love for you to take a trip, enjoy an everyday adventure, and help us do what we love by following us on this blogging adventure! I am new at this so maybe we can learn together!


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