Living Lively! What we Do!

We don’t JUST PLAY!

Smiley and I don’t just play, well our work is play, but we do have services to offer you!

Living Lively! Services

Virtual Assistant

We can manage your Social Media accounts and write content for your web page as well as blogs for your business. We specialize in outdoor and activity related business. Let’s face it you want more time to play! Let us give you that time.

Outdoor Guides and Instructors

We are both ski instructors during the Winter! Smiley is also a snowboard instructor at Angel Fire, NM. Because of all of our experience in playing in the outdoors we can help you plan the greatest Adventures! Give us a call!

Living Lively Life Store!

Ok, I will be honest. Smiley is the real artist. He has beautiful paintings and does wonderful work in yards all around Ruidoso, NM with Lively Landscape! I just get crafty and every now and then it turns out good enough to sell! Visit our Store! We take custom orders!

Living the Dream!

“You can make a million $$ being a Ski Instructor…

You just have to start with two million!” We don’t do this for the big bucks. We truly love what we do!

It’s just US!

We take pride that we are REAL people and it is just us. We take pride in our work and always deliver our best.

Kids Say the Funniest Things!

My mom said I wasn’t going to feel the sweat… I feel the SWEAT!

13 year old first time skier

boy: Why do I keep falling down?

Smiley: I think it has something to do with gravity.

boy: I wish GRAVITY was never invented!

Smiley and 8 year old snowboard client


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Green Chile Roasting Party!

Europe Trip 2019!

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