I Did It!

I am so easily distracted! When I am surfing around the internet, on Facebook, or Pinterest looking for something particular, let’s say I’m doing research on traveling to Europe (which is EXACTLY what I was doing when I got here!)

AND then I end up looking at pictures of super crafty things, saying to myself, “I CAN DO THAT!”

Then I have to try it and get completely off task. Just like a puppy!


Some of the time these projects come out great! Other times it is kinda, well, like not exactly like the image that inspired me. You know like those ‘What I think I look like…What I actually look like memes’?

Some of my projects have made it to my Ch-Ching! Change Challenge! and made it to our store LivingLivelyGifts! Others I can say well I learned ALOT!

Here is a list of some of the projects that I have tried and the link to the post about how it went good, bad or well not EXACTLY like the image that inspired me!

I challenge you to try them and comment on how they went for you!

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