The Original Influencers

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.”

Pablo Picasso

The original Art Influencers! – Louvre

Picasso also said, “All artists are thieves.” This quote really came alive for Smiley and I as we got to take in the art at the Louvre. Granted this is one of the touristy things that we try to avoid when we travel.

Yeah, yeah, the Mona Lisa… (Smiley thinks she is looks just fine from a distance.) That was not why we braved the crowds and spent a day at the Louvre while in Paris.

While planning this part of the trip, I knew that the Louvre was a ‘bucket list’ item for Smiley, AND I knew it was a big wait in line and feel like cattle experience. My superpower (Smiley says my superpower is organization and planning) engaged and I started researching how to have the not so touristy experience at the Louvre. In doing this I discovered that a special exhibit of Leonardo da Vinci was happening, that I promptly purchased the tickets for, so that we didn’t have to wait in any more that the security line. We also traveled light that day, less to have to carry and be searched.

So into the Louvre we went…


At the Pyramid entrance we saw one of todays ‘influencers’ taking ‘selfie’. I wonder in 200+ years if those selfies will make a difference in how someone expresses art?

The Exhibit..

I know I already said that Smiley said, “Mona Lisa is ok at a distance…” and we went to the exhibit of the artist that created the Mona Lisa. Da Vinci also was famous for never finishing works. In his eyes things were always to be worked on.

This exhibit showed the way Leonardo da Vinci thought with his studies and notes…

Note to all selves, keep taking notes, journals, and collect time.

The Louvre is Massive!!!

You could wander for days looking at all the art contained within the walls of the Louvre! We only had one day and Smiley had a check list of must sees from his art history classes. So we navigated around all the tour groups (and we’re walking…)

The Story in the Art

Art tells stories, evokes emotion, and uses light to give hope. Most people only look at a piece of art 15 seconds. That is a shame, due to the longer you look at something the more abstract it becomes helping build the reality of the story. In this painting the story is the Emperor ordered his servants to get rid of all of his vices that he felt were dragging him into darkness. They killed all of his concubines, horses, and tossed all of his positions. When he originally displayed this piece he was criticized and censored. The public couldn’t handle the harshness of the story’s reality in a visually abstract form.

I sat and looked at this piece for several minutes. As I gazed at it, faces kept appearing in the darkness, faces of anguish and pain fleeing from the promise of what the light was holding. None of this would have been seen if I only looked at it for 15 seconds.


As usual this is part of the diary log of Jenny and Smiley’s Excellent Adventure that I will come back and add to. But for now, because I get my best writing done in the airports, I got to close this one out! We have a plane to catch and we are off again…

Thank you for reading, liking, and sharing and helping this little Blog GROW!

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