“My Food has Eye-Balls!”

Eating out in Europe

I am a ‘foodie’ –no doubt about it! I have had a love/hate relationship with food all of my life. Food has been comfort, inspiration, void filler as well as painful indulgences. Food for me has been more than just nutrition. I will try almost anything for the experience.

So I wasn’t worried to much about eating out in Europe. I mean, I love food, it doesn’t always love me back.

Our first few meals in Ireland we got to prepare ourselves. We had a lovely little cottage with a great set up for a kitchen. There was a little market (Joyce’s) down the road, where as Smiley was checking out and the cashier greets him with “HOWDY!” I think we must wreak of American.

I am going to be able to write so much about the lovely stay we had in the village of Spiddal and Inverin at a different point. But my food started having eyes when we started eating out!

One of our first restaurant experiences was in Dublin at the Guinness Stonehouse Tour. First of all, thank you to our friend Elizabeth, that said don’t miss this one! It was an extraordinary tour.

I ordered the ‘seafood pie’ and Smiley had the ‘Guinness Stew’. Both great choices because we understood what was in them and they sounded great! When mine came out it had EYE-BALLS! This foods with eye-balls was really great! I did have to get Smiley to remove the eyes, shell etc.

There is a theme here! (I just didn’t know it yet!)

The Next Part is in Paris…

We aren’t in Texas any more!

At this point we are tired and navigating has been rough. Smiley and I agree on the idea of just getting the taxi and getting to where we are staying in Paris is a good idea.

WARNING DO NOT TAKE TAXIS! (more on this later)

Anyway we ended up on the Metro, in Paris. Where I stepped on a fish head! Foreshadowing… should I say more?

I was tired, and Smiley was wanting to take a picture or the fish head I stepped on…

I should have let him because it adds to this story.

Food–Language? We do not always communicate.

This post was started with I am a ‘foodie’. I will try almost anything. So ordering food off of a French menu shouldn’t be that hard. It was…

I found myself looking for familiar words because nothing sounded familiar. ‘Filet’ was one word that looked some what familiar, you know like ‘filet minion’? I wasn’t so sure what ‘poussin’ was but I could go with it.

Guess what it was fish! And yes, it had eyes.

On to the Birthday Dinner…

We had a great day on my birthday. We went to Giverny, France on a day trip. So much more about that later! and we went out to eat at Chez Jenny!

But of course, it was my birthday!

Chez Jenny is a very nice restaurant in the Republique part of Paris, walking distance from where we stayed. I was looking over the food going to other tables and thought I can’t go wrong here! It all looked awesome!

As we looked over the menu that we couldn’t read the waiter said something that sounded like ‘toot sweet’, I only assumed he would be with us in a minute. That was ok because the only word on the menu that looked normal was ‘salmon’. and yes, this time I was sure it was fish.

So I politely tried to pronounce the dish I desired and pointed to it on the menu. He looked at me for a moment then said ‘ice?’

Both of us just looked at each other then he said “ICE, like cold?” Making me realize it was not a cooked dish. Woops! At that point I just let the waiter bring me something he thought I would like with the word salmon in it!

and yes, it had eyes!

We are off again– so for now thank you for reading, sharing, and liking! Helping this little Blog GROW!

Jenny and Smiley

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