Location, Location, Location!

“When you get lost in a really strange place, nothing is more comforting than finding your friend whom you trust and can show the way.”

Toba Beta

Ireland- the Plan

Smiley says my super power is organization and planning. That being said I had our Ireland trip all planned out.

We WERE going to land at 2:20pm local time after a great breakfast in London.

We WERE going to rent a car and drive the short 2.5 hours across the island to a sweet little cottage.

We WERE going to enjoy the scenery of the Atlantic by Way and even stop to see an old castle!

We had plans…

Then the plane was late…

No big deal right? So we got to our rental car at 4pm in Dublin, on a Friday, of a holiday weekend. No big deal! So they drive on the other side of the road. No BIG DEAL!

Oh! But wait… I didn’t get my SIM card activated and I did not have GPS…


We grabbed the map, yes paper and everything, and started to navigate our way out of Dublin. I did mention it was 4pm on Friday of a holiday weekend IN THE RAIN!?!

You know, thinking back I should have taken the advice of the super sweet rental car guy. He said, “Start your holiday off right. Lower your expectations, it can only get better from there!” Then he wished us good luck, and we were off to find our car.

Counting Blessings! Leaving Dublin

Smiley is driving. We are leaving the Airport. We are doing great…

Did I mention it was 4pm on a Friday, holiday weekend in Dublin?



GRIDLOCK traffic for 1.5 to 2 hours of our easy 2.5 hour drive across the island to Galway. Smiley starts to think positive that at least we aren’t missing any exits, and this is a great speed to understand driving out of Dublin. That idea ends after an hour of gridlock traffic and loosing light. When we finally get on the road we can’t see any of the beautiful sights we planned on and we do not have GPS, so we are old schooling it with a paper map and a flash light.


Dark, fast, and unfamiliar. All the best laid plans just went to the way side. We were completely out of our element. Toll roads and tired we just want to get where we were going. Trying to stay positive was not working so we both just fell into silences.

So we drove into the darkness.

When we reached Galway I knew we were close, but without GPS and in the dark we were still rather lost. I was trying to read the road signs but nothing was making sense, as if it was in Klingon! After our 3rd attempt to find the address we stopped and asked for directions. Yes, they speak Klingon!

The Friend…

We did this whole trip with VRBO. It is a great way to travel. You get to talk to the owners of the properties and this time this was our saving grace! The wonderful owners of the place we were staying offered to come pick us up and guided us to a point we could find our way to their beautiful cottage outside of Galway. This truly gave us a friendly voice in the darkness.

When we finally arrived, our host, Michael, greeted warmly, as if we were long lost friends! There is nothing better than the warmth of a friendly welcome when you feel lost in the dark!


The Light of Day!

Waking up that next morning to fresh Atlantic Ocean air and beautiful garden and country side views made the darkness of the night fade into nothingness. All of the plans I had made also faded now that we were able to see the beauty of where we were.

As always thank you for reading, liking and sharing to help this little BLOG GROW!

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