Planes, Trains, and Automobiles! and “Mean Girls!” all TODAY!

Act one of Smiley and Jenny’s Excellent Adventure

The flight to New York was out of Denver, CO. It was a red eye, so we took advantage of the time and drove up to Denver and had a great meal and visit with Smiley’s Nephew, Yeti, and his fiancé. Yeti, (yes, that’s what we call him– don’t you just love these names!) dropped us off at the airport at 9:30pm and we were left on our own, to navigate the New York part of our trip on our own. Did I mention we were on our own?

With our backpacks on and cell phone in hand, we felt like we had just gotten dropped off for our first day of school. You know that feeling, a mix of excited, wide eyed fear, with a touch of abandonment!?! We were on our way and on our own for the starting point of this whirl wind adventure.

Our first 24 hours of our excellent adventure was all about navigating our way around. Airports, trains, taxis, etc. for us ski town, mountain dwellers seamed a bit daunting to say the least.

Our plane landed in New York at 5:45am and we couldn’t check in to our VRBO until that afternoon so we started figuring out how to get to the first stop with all of our stuff!

Tunnels and Trains

After a moment of contemplation over coffee we headed for the AirTrain at JFK. People buzzing around us, obviously knowing what they were doing, as we sat there staring at the signs not sure how to read a two track train map. This is not helping the “first day of school” feeling. Sooo… we boldly got on A TRAIN going to one of the two places it could possibly end up at…

Hallelujah! We made it out of the Airport and found ourselves trying to figure out a multi-rail system call the Metro in New York city. Yeaks!!!(if Smiley was writing this there would be several scared and almost sick emoji’s) Standing there trying not to look like as confused and unsure as I really was this awesome voice said, “Any questions or needs for more information? I am here to help with anyone’s needs for their first lesson in understanding the New York Metro system!”

The older couple standing behind us quickly took this awesome, nice New Yorker, Metro employees offer and admitted to their lostness. And no I was not being facetious about the employee…

We quickly joined them in the Metro 101 class!


the TODAY Show

Smiley and I have watched the TODAY Show every morning for as long as we have been, well, Smiley and Jenny! We have had our favorites and looked on through the window of our televisions with the TODAY crew every morning. Why would our first morning in NYC be any different? We were still looking through the window except this time it was their window!

Yes! Hoda is that selfie taking friendly person on the plaza!

Sleep is still needed in the City that never Sleeps…

We have now been mostly awake for over 24 hours and honestly wandering around NYC with our packs, that now I am wished I would have taken my own packing advice, weigh a ton! We have tickets to see a Broadway play and we are feeling like we are running out of steam! So we make it to our VRBO and YEAH! it was ready early.

Nap Time…


Tina Fey,

“Mean Girls”!

After a great nap we worked our way back to Broadway, starting to understand the tunnels, and trains, and the underground world of NYC we were feeling more comfortable working our way through the underground and above ground worlds that make up NYC. Mostly due to a couple of apps (Google Maps, and Rome2Rio). We made our way to the August Wilson Theatre to see Mean Girls.

Even if we had not taken the nap, this show was so amazing we could have gone another 24 hours without sleep! Amazing voices and much like books are better than movies…

Broadway plays are better than movies! Tina Fey knocked this one out of the park!

I am sure I will come back and edit this! Still the point of this little blog is to share real life of Living Lively! So as I finish up this post, we are waiting in the airport again getting ready to wake up in London!

As always, please like, follow and share! Thank you for reading, and helping this little blog GROW!

Jenny and Smiley

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