Smiley and Jenny’s Excellent Adventure

Smiley started off today checking out Facebook and said, “People are doing really cool stuff!”

And we aren’t?—

Day one of “Smiley and Jenny’s Excellent Adventure”

Tamales for Breakfast at Taos Farmers Market!

Taos, New Mexico is one of my favorite places! It has culture, art, and the best mix of people, with open hearts more than anyone can wish for, in one amazing mountain town. We spend a good amount of time here calling it “home” a good part of the time. Taos has a magical feel and a definite “hum”.

Taos is north of Santa Fe, NM and has deep great history that includes the blending of three cultures and an art community that still has the vibe of artists communes of the 60’s and 70’s. I am sure I will spend several words on these topics on later posts, after all I did say we call this home.

One the our favorite things to do in the summer and fall on the Taos Plaza is the Farmers Market.

This is not your typical market. It is, just as Taos is, a wonderful mix of tradition, taste, and the awesomeness of the people that make up this community.

Smiley is a big breakfast person! He is the one that make breakfast no matter where we are or what we are doing. Eggs, potatoes, sausage or bacon, etc.–

Me, well coffee is a must!

We started off NOT having breakfast (coffee yes) and headed straight to the Farmer’s Market on Taos plaza. I’m enjoying the “hum” of everything I love about being in Taos. Shopping at all the stands, looking for the best local honey and carrots from my favorite local farm. I was enjoying the smell of the roasting chile and talking to some of my favorite ski friends, while Smiley patiently waits for breakfast.

And then it happened…

Tamales for breakfast!

Adventures are about Eating and Drinking– Right!?!

We are heading to Europe to continue this big adventure. As much as I would love to say our adventures are about skiing, hiking and living the life I am sure that me, being the big time foodie, food takes the stage more often than not. So as we finish off the great breakfast I’m already planning the best lunch… Right!?!

The Burger Stand, Taos, NM

Everyone knows about Pavlov’s dog? You know he rang a bell every just before feeding him and the dog would start to salivate at the sound of the bell? Well, I’m just like that in Taos. Smiley knows if we do errands in Taos I am going to expect to have a hamburger.

And not just any old burger— only a Burger Stand burger will do the trick.

So, if you are following us I can’t promise this won’t all be about food, but today was a great food day!

Keep following and liking us to help this little blog grow!

Coming Soon- Europe!

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