Arts and (Sometimes not so) Crafty…

I have a love – hate relationship with Pinterest. I love all of the great, inspirational, motivational ideas that move me to want to create, decorate, and make changes. I see colorful pictures of beautiful, functional things that are made from things that I have stacking up around me (magazines) or I just tossed into the recycling bin.

Pinterest moves me to say… I can do that!

I have a friend that I admire for her ability to live as a minimalist. She has dedicated her life to reducing, the amount of trash she creates everyday for a better world. She is constantly posting a on Facebook ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. This makes me think twice before tossing something and, as I scroll through these inspirational pictures, I start looking at what I was going to toss as a work of art!

So, I gather my up my art supplies, suggested by the craft blogger, and get crafty!

And this is where the hate part of the relationship starts!

First of all, Smiley just LOVES the fact that I have just now turned our living room into an art studio and I am now collecting wine bottles, pull tops, magazines, well let’s face it…


Over the past year I have been inspired by that seductress, Pinterest and have attempted several projects all to different levels of success. Some I have tried to find instructions on and other I just wing it. You know, trial and error. This has used up several hour of time, created collections of, well trash, and well not always created the same thing that was in the picture.

So to justify all of that effort and time, not to mention the mess, sorry Smiley. I am going to share some of the projects and the outcomes. Tips and hints that I learned and share the picture that inspired as well as my finished project.

This blog contains links that if you click on and purchase from them I may receive a small compensation at no extra cost to you! Thank you for reading, and helping us make this little Blog GROW!

Wine Bottle Humming Bird Feeder

I would love to give credit to this photographer and artist of this inspirational and beautiful hummingbird feeder. It inspired me to try to make my own.

I have to be honest, I started collecting wine bottles, and having my friends and family collect them for me because I was, again inspired by Pinterest, to build a garden gate. (That I still want to do, just haven’t figured that one out yet.) So Smiley has been after me to get rid of some of the mass amounts of wine bottles we have in the house and garage. I had been saving this painted bottle for the gate but it worked great for this project!

I didn’t read the directions this blogger had, (sorry) because I was so excited to try. So I went to the hardware store and learned several things about the corrosiveness of sugar. Because you have to put a wire in the feeder tube to give it shape it needs to be copper.

I used the cork from another bottle drilled a hole in it stuffed the feeding tube into the cork, that was not easy, encerted the wire and copper tip, made sure the wire was just long enough to keep the shape but not touch the bird, then…

I found everything for hummingbird feeders on Amazon!

Pop Top Art

How did that song go? Which of these are not like the other…

Can you guess the awesome the one I didn’t make? If you said the middle one you would be correct! That one came from It was a great article and wonderful directions that I read, more than once.

It started off great! We were collecting tops and I found a small lamp shade at a church garage sale! I thought ‘this is it! a truly 100% upcycled repurposed art project.’ I was even dreaming of giving it to my friend as a housewarming gift. My friend I talked about earlier, she is building a tiny home off the grid, and this would have been perfect for her.

Frustration set in about the third time I had to start over. I would get one on and three would fall off. Then I realized that my lamp shade frame was smaller at the top than at the bottom. For this project I needed a wire lamp shade rings that were the same size. Wire Lamp Shade Rings with European Fitter also available on Amazon!

I haven’t given completely up on this project, but my hat goes off to Sean Michael Ragan for this awesome creation!

Magazine Bowl

Somehow, I’m not sure considering I’m NEVER on the internet doing thing, I started to get People Magazine. I didn’t want to toss them. Afterall, I was on a roll with this upcycle idea. By the way all of these projects were going about the same time, so can you imagine the mess!

I think this one came out better than I expected! Granted it is strictly decorative, and has a way of collecting stuff as we unload our pockets still came out closer to the pictures that inspired me to fold and roll magazine pages for hours! This picture came from a pin on Pinterest that leads to a blog that is no longer active.

Mine is the 2 smaller pictures. I was so excited about this project that I posted it on Facebook. My friend, Pam Witte (who is an outstanding author herself, she wrote Jet Lee Dragon Warrior) comments, “What is it?”

I respond that it is a candy bowl.

“Not mint size. Smiley want to eat cereal out of it! 🙂

Well, it’s great to get all of this out on this post! Now I don’t feel so bad for the time I took creating these projects. Now I will spend a little time cleaning up. Give it a day or two break, and then scroll through that wonderful thing called Pinterest for some more great ideas!

What great ideas did you try? How did it come out? Please share in the comments below! And as always THANK YOU for reading, liking, sharing and following! Help this little Blog GROW!

5 thoughts on “Arts and (Sometimes not so) Crafty…

  1. I love the humming bird feeder, I will try that, and I really like the magazine bowl idea. I think maybe Modge Podging (spelling??) or paper mâché, some ripped up pieces on the inside of the bowl will help close up some of the holes…I’m going to try that! I love Pinterest myself. You’re right, it makes me feel like I can do anything too!


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